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UX Designer & Design System Lead

I'm Chris, a freelancer who loves working with companies of all sizes. I excel at creating and managing design systems, but I'm also open for UX/UI Design gigs.

Over the years I worked for some amazing companies.

About me

Over the last 12 years, I have worked as a product (UX/UI) designer, lead designer, and freelancer.

Throughout my professional career, I have led strategy and design for 30+ companies. These companies include ImmoScout24, Ullstein, Studienkreis, Cornelsen, ProSiebenSat.1 Media and many more, where I have helped them raise their conversion rates, user happiness and design maturity.

I'm really passionate about improving design efficiency in design teams (Design Ops) and teaching teams to design better, faster and with more fun than ever.

Design Systems is another topic, that I really love. Turning chaos and slowness into consistency and efficiency, is a very rewarding process for all people, that are involved in design system projects.

What people said

Obligatory testimonial section to proof that I am not a lazy or crazy dude

"I've worked with Chris on several big, complex, and due to his work, successful projects. He show exceptional skills in user research and is extremely fast in creating truly user centered designs (web and app). He is a really fast learner and is always on top of the newest tools or UX methodologies. Especially his knowledge around design systems is outstanding. I always enjoyed working with him a lot and hope I will have another chance to do so!"

Markus Meixner

Product Lead, N26

“Chris is one of the most talented Leads and Designers I've ever worked with. I totally recommend his outstanding social skills to motivate and manage people to get the right things right. His deep knowledge of the whole design universe makes it easy for him to optimize strategy, processes and culture in a very precise way with still having the big picture in mind. He always has time for his colleagues and has a great sense of humour. I am proud to have had the chance to work with him.”

Myong-Jin Kwon

UX Lead, UXactly

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