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Over the years I gained experience in a lot of different areas, like UX/UI design, web design, online marketing, SEO, brand & logo design, illustration and print design. But today I primarily focus on UX/UI Design for websites, software and apps.


UX Design 

For a digital product its not just important, that it looks good, but it works good. Therefore I start with wireframes and prototyping as fast as possible, to test the most important features early. So we see the pain points before we create a fancy design and can save a lot of time and money.
After the early tests, I design the user interface and I'm always recommending to go live with different versions for A/B testings, after the launch of the product. So we always can react to the needs of the users and stop wasting money in guessing.

Mobile & App Design 

Today we have a lot of different devices and your product will look and work different for every user. Everyone has his/her own setup and therefore we need to have that in mind, while designing an app or website. It's important how the typography, images and other elements react to different screen sizes and operating systems.
I designed several responsive websites and apps and gained experiences in app design for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Every platform has its own needs and its essential to know them.

Design Consulting 

Maybe you have a good design team in house, but you dont have a UX specialist - just invite me for a workshop and I will help you and your team. Or maybe you are not sure about some specific UX points in your software - just drop me a line and I will help you with my experiences and we can work out a nice concept for your product.
It's good to have some external view, to check if the ideas and concepts are as easy to understand as you thought. Sometimes you miss the forest for the trees, after working ages on one feature. Thats normal and I'd love to help.