As a little boy I wanted to become a cartoonist. I was incredibly enchanted by the cartoons and comics from the Far West (USA) and Far East (Japan). After my teachers in school ignored my artistic ambitions, my mother wanted me to become a doctor and the employment office wanted to place me in the German army as a paratrooper, I decided to emigrate from northern Germany to study graphic design in Berlin.

In this studies, I was not only immersed in drawing, but also came into contact with brand and web design for the first time and was hooked. After my studies, I started my professional career, at that time still called web designer (today UI designer), at the Rocket Internet company "eDarling". In this job and the following ones, I was getting more and more interested in usability design, today known as user experience (UX) design.

I felt it was no longer enough for me to make the websites "look fancy", I wanted to test what works for the users and what doesn't. Since the topic of UX design was not yet too widespread in German companies, I decided to teach myself the subject and continued my career as a freelancer. What I learned during this time was priceless. Not only in terms of UI/UX design, but also the knowledge about the tech industry and networking in general.

After working with many Berlin startups and large corporations, my path eventually led me to ImmoScout24. I really liked the corporate culture, the team, and there were also interesting topics on the horizon. The company had just undergone a complete redesign, which I accompanied from the beginning and helped design the new UI, and I convinced the management to dare the experiment "Design System". After initial skepticism, since this topic was still very young, I got the time and freedom to fight my way through the design system jungle. At that time, I had few best practices to guide me and the tools were still half baked.

The ImmoScout24 redesign and the design system became a great success and I was hired on a permanent basis as I got the opportunity to become Lead UX Designer and to establish Design Operations in the company. This also led to great success and I am very grateful for that time.

However, after plenty of reflection, I realized more and more that I really missed the variety and freedom of the freelance lifestyle and decided it was time to work as a freelancer again. This time with a focus on design systems, design ops, design thinking, and of course UX design.

Comic drawing, I still do as a hobby, but my job is no less exciting and varied and I'm very excited to see what new tools and technologies the future brings that will once again change everything!

Today I live in the south of Brandenburg, with my wonderful wife, our three children and a lot of animals. I've been working on my projects from my home office for two years now, and when I close my MacBook in the evening, I don't squeeze myself into the S-Bahn, but go out barefoot and cultivate my self-sufficient garden.

Beliefs and Values

Customers first

When people love it, it becomes successful.

Always learning

I always want to be up to date, to work as efficient as possible.

Lean UX and Product

For great success we need lean processes.

Data over taste

Taste is never worth more than test results.

Tools and Equipment


Figma is my goto tool for all UI and design system tasks. Together with all the plugins its very powerful.


I build websites with webflow only. I love the simplicity of the UX and the complexity of possibilities.


Remote workshops are a thing since 2020 and I never look back, when I'm creating a Miro workshop.


Of course you could use confluence for documenting things, but Notion is just way better.


We all love that annoying sound, when a new message arrives.


It's like chrome, just with privacy build in.


My asana aka my second brain. Awesome for my project documentations.


I use it everyday and YES, I can see your shared screen.


Some of your questions might be answered already in my FAQs. If not, drop me a line.

What is your hourly rate?

It depends on the position I'm assigned to. Design system or design ops projects are much more complex and demanding than UX/UI jobs. If you want to know it exactly just write me a mail or call me and then I can give you more details.

Can you work in our office, or do you work remote only?

Since I don't live in Berlin anymore but in the south of Brandenburg, it makes more sense for me to work from my own office. I really believe in remote work and created amazing projects from my own office within the last years. I love to spend my time with my family and in my garden, instead of wasting time in the bus or train. Having this lovely work live balance makes me a better designer!

Do you still work with Sketch, or just Figma?

I really prefer Figma over Sketch and Adobe XD. I think Framer is quite interesting and I really love to learn new tools. So, I am a pro in Figma, but would love to learn new stuff too.

Are you interested in a permanent position?

Not at the moment. I am a better designer, as a freelancer. It really pushes me in the right direction and helps me to gain a lot of experiences in different companies and with different people. I love to learn and grow and the freelance live is really supporting that kind of lifestyle.

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