UX Designer Berlin — Chris Lüders
User Experience Design Berlin


I create designs which fit the needs of my clients and their clients.


About me

Originally I'm a graphics designer and learned how to make great brand designs, logos and illustrations. I really loved to start my creative career in a traditional analogue manner, but I was interested in digital media as well. So I started to work for eDarling and developed a liking for digital design.

For a couple of years I worked for a big venture builder and was responsible for the design lead of 10 different projects. I learned a lot about UX design, conversion optimisation, user testings and leading big design projects.

Today I'm a UX/UI design freelancer and love working together with my clients on their products, to find the right solutions for their needs.

Current Status:

Available for new projects
Resume & Showreel (.zip, 11 MB)